Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bubbles Paraiso - Sexy Morina Pinay Actress

Bubbles Paraiso is a sister of model Paolo Paraiso. She started modelling after high school. A member of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines). Considers herlelf a shopaholic, peanut butter addict, one-of-the-boys, childish yet mature, simple but complicated and a sportsbuff.

Question: Speaking of dating, how are the men?

Answer: Ayayayay. Dating life? Zero, zilch, none, nada. I’m single, available, and NOT dating. It’s really hard to find guys who are sincere nowadays. Those who are sincere usually get intimidated by the model status right away. Then most guys naman, they only want you to be their trophy girlfriend, so ‘wag na lang. Then there are my guy friends. They’re all over protective of me. Ha ha ha!

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